This is a paint horse in the last one my picture didn't show up.
Hi,my name is Skylar and my favorite kind of horse is a Paint Horse.This picture right here is a Paint Horse.
Where is my dog? Who is that? What book is tha
Hello my name is Skylar this is a awesome beautiful horse.
Fractions are dividing stuff.lets say your four friends come over and you have pizza.So you will cut the whole pizza into four pieces.And there you go that is fractions.
Dinosaurs are found in many different places.different people around the world have found fossils and brings them to a muesam. The Stegosaurus was found in Utah in June. The dinosaur Bizzare was found in Argentina. A giant sea monster fossil was discovered in the Artic. Bizzare the new dinosaur was found in the sahara. People have many fossils in many muesams and thats why we have fossils today.
I love my mom.My puppies name is Simon.I got a fish for Christmas its name is spot.